Comprehensive Live Review

I was a student in your Cincy CFP Prep Course. I received notification that I passed the exam…I wanted to make sure that I thanked you [Tim Hummel] for your guidance in the prep course. I feel 100% confident that I would have NOT passed the exam without going to your Prep course. Your straight forward teaching style and the Zahn material gave me a “dose of reality” that was much needed. I followed the preparation outline after the prep course, which was a ton of work, but certainly well worth it now that I don’t have to hit the books again. I will definitely be recommending you and the Ken Zahn prep course to my fellow colleagues pursuing the CFP designation.
Hilliard Lyons

November 2018 CFP® Certification Examination

  • CFP® Certification Exam: November 6-13, 2018
  • Application Date: October 23, 2018

March 2019 CFP® Certification Examination

  • CFP® Certification Exam: CFP Board TBA
  • Application Date: CFP Board TBA
Coming Soon!
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